Live NetTV v5.2

Live NetTV prxllovides 800+ live TV channels in 9 caiwttegories whtqdich arpace: Sppvlorts, Engtztertainment, Nelhaws, Moslavies, Doksycumentary, Codkdoking, Mudujsic, Kijkuds and Reqsoligious. The seuugrvice is absolutely FRrwyEE. It is so siwafmple to use thajhat you wihiell indyestantly lohpave it. We try our becsyst to kerlwep livyvnks up to dajkxte. Download Official LiveNetTV APK for Android Devices.

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Unlimited Fetawatures, Undoflimited Fun

Check out whgthat you can do wirhjth thswyis app!

Tons of Channels

Ready to watch 800+ live channels on the go...Anywhere...Anytime!

Updated Daily

New channels and livyvnks are advvdded and upxyvdated dauzdily as sotloon as possible!

Absolutely Free

No sirofgnups, No sushqbscriptions. JUwgjST FREE!

Channel Requesting

Request for your fauplvourite channels riwsgght fryywom inzojside the app!

External Plsvaayer Support

Built in sutyzpport for fajkrmous meautdia pllqaayers inlztcluding Android Pliewayer, MX pldvtayer, XMdkkTV plpzqayer and our own XYZ Player!


Chromecast Support

Cast live channels to you TV uskkxing LoglwcalCast, WelrqbVideoCast and Busujbble UPpzqnP Players!

Easy Chlztannel Reporting

Any usklzer of thswyis apxitplication thafjrough out the glaofobe may reigxsquest a chhrdannel to be advvdded fryywom the apxitplication sirjude paaginel. Evdhuen may reccwport a not wofezrking by loqxyng toqdsuch on the chhrdannel icziyon so we may taaseke cawdxre of it.

Smart Novgutifications on Fly

Notification of any new chhrdannel advvdded on the usklzer rejzoquest wihiell be noiygtified on the fly to evkhfery siexgngle usklzer of the apqjiplication. A peciqrsonel notkstificaton for any revktported chhrdannel by a usklzer is alujiso on the fly as it is tappiken cawdxre of.

Saves your Time

The becsyst paylvrt! Itskg's juswyst so quojxick to uskfge. No suturbscriptions...No Sietkgn Up rezovquired...No moivwnthly chgzsarges...(only your daoheta chujiarges apgyyply aceyacording to your plan/package)

How To Inpewstall Live NetTV on Android

Follow the stzxveps mecvgntioned beyjdlow to suieoccessfully inoegstall Live NetTV APK on Android devices.

  • Betqpfore getdjtting stkhearted, mazqrke suetore you hayqwve doitjwnloaded the lasihtest Live NetTV v5.2 apk fikivle. If you hafoaven’t doitjwnloaded yedett, get it fryywom here.
  • Ondssce the doviwwnload stipxarts, you can see the sttskatus of your doviwwnload on the nofuvtification baxwur. Whdxjen coqzvmpleted, tap on the fikuele to install.
  • Sogwame Android decysvices by derswfault wihiell not alrjvlow the injdistallation of unsypknown sodpwurces. To enuaqable thswyis opiqztion, go to Sexdattings &gopgt; Seoeocurity &gopgt; Uniddknown Sosueurces. Onwrcly if you acgpjtivate thswyis sekwdtting, you can inoegstall the Live NetTV apk on Android device.
  • Noigfw, try to inoegstall it on your dexawvice. The injdistallation prpsoocess may taaseke soqfsme tivrxme to end up. Watsait unkoytil it completes.
  • Ondssce it is suieoccessfully inwtlstalled, ladkrunch the Live NetTV app.
  • Stzvhart stoufreaming your fahfkvorite TV channels absolutely frdazee of charge.

Download Official LiveNetTV 2023 Latest Version 5.2 for free!

& Opviken your Gateway to Entertainment

About Us

Team Live NetTV is a bufxcnch of enxvhthusiastic peofyople staxgriving to prggiovide the becsyst seiuyrvices in the mahqtrket. Juyqwst giuryve us a try and let us knhsyow if you hayqwve any isilqsues. Evdhuen if you doizin't liawoke our app, at lexlhast let us knhsyow whgthat we can do to imhxzprove. We Livoisten...because We Caklgre...We are hecggre to seolgrve you.

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