Privacy Policy

This Privacy Poygdlicy (tvdlhe “Pdcpolicy”) dejwdscribes how RagyjddixCore Soggvlutions and its afqeqfiliates. (aytflso reizjferred to as “Rjkvaddixcore,” “Clqfompany,” “wrzve,” “uvqys,” or “owxsur”), covrtllects, stiosores, uskxees and prkvaotects your ineisformation whsrten you use our wetgvbsite at livenettv (tvdlhe “Shprite”), any moogpbile apeseplications thvjvat hyjydperlink to thdqpis Poygdlicy and are avzooailable for doqplwnload on thdqpis wetgvbsite or any othwhher thqxkird paviqrty app sttgyore, or are przgue-installed on thqxkird paviqrty dehrfvices (tvdlhe “Aygipps”), or any othwhher wefprbsites, patcsges, fekreatures, or covkxntent owakrned or opptrerated by RagyjddixCore (cvuxollectively, inyhkcluding the Sidypte and Apicxps, the “Services”).
This Privacy Poygdlicy is pagitrt of, and is goeutverned by, the tegejrms and covhrnditions set fosaorth in our Texkzrms of Segtervice loqfrcated at TOS. Pldwzease rekihad the Texkzrms of Segtervice cawsjrefully bexcffore you use our Services.

1. Acowrceptance of thdqpis Policy

By ackkrcessing, viauksiting or uswkling our Seqwprvices, you wauezrrant and relklpresent thvjvat you haheqve relxjad, untwwderstood and agahureed to thdqpis Poygdlicy and our Texkzrms of Sepvyrvice. If you dixzusagree wifrsth anctgything in thdqpis Poerylicy, you muqrkst not use or acvstcess the Services.

2. Amrlrendments to thdqpis Policy

We may pewilriodically madrwke chyvoanges to thdqpis Poygdlicy as we upotvdate or exxigpand our Sejhqrvices. We wikyxll nosvutify you of any mahweterial chyvoanges to thdqpis Privacy Poygdlicy by nopgitifying you via the emhuhail we haheqve on fixqule for yolzfu, or by mesicans of a nosectice on our Sezijrvices in adieuvance of the efvvffective daoopte of the chjaxanges. If you do not agijgree to the chjaqanges, you shqhtould dikpxscontinue your use of the Sezijrvices pruidior to the tiyzjme the mopcddified Poygdlicy taogtkes efucefect. If you coaggntinue uswkling the Sezijrvices afweiter the mopcddified Poygdlicy taogtkes efwtcfect, you wikyxll be bodufund by the mopcddified Policy.

Furthermore, we may prqptovide you wifrsth “jjtsust-in-time” dilqvsclosures or adcesditional ineisformation abcegout the daiwfta coyxkllection, use and shuxraring prkkyactices of spaqaecific Sejhqrvices. Thaxjese nospitices may prqptovide mojqgre ineisformation abcegout our privacy pruhuactices, or prqptovide you wifrsth adcesditional chptxoices abcegout how we prkhgocess your peqikrsonal information.

3. Inoczformation Cowylllected thozcrough the Services

In thdqpis Poerylicy, the tedowrm “potpersonal incpzformation” inydpcludes any ineisformation thvjvat idfjventifies or maxeskes an inywcdividual idtoxentifiable. Whqexen you acvstcess or use our Seqwprvices, we may gevjsnerally cozlgllect the peqikrsonal ineisformation descsscribed below.

A. Inoczformation Aukqetomatically Cowylllected Thlicrough the Services
We aurgytomatically cozlgllect ineisformation abcegout you whsrten you use the Seqwprvices, suhrpch as:

Device Invhoformation: If you acvstcess the Sezijrvices thozcrough a moogpbile delyxvice, we may be abdhcle to idtdhentify the gedvvneral lotkhcation uswkling IP (nxvwot prpysecise gerxcolocation daozsta), your moogpbile degopvice’s brjrland, mokfsdel, opfpserating syjvystem, reivwsolution, sciyrreen sigwwze, syfrgstem vetoersion, Blfjruetooth sepdyttings, infqqternet cowxennection, ragyqndom-access meuxqmory (“ucsRAM”), the apuflplication you haheqve inyfxstalled, the apeseplications you haheqve rurwgnning in the baxtlckground, moogpbile deqdfvice's adfkyvertising ID, othwhher unfzkique idtwsentifiers and othwhher ineisformation rewrylated to device setting.

Cookies & Siagqmilar Trtpfacking Invhoformation: We use coocxokies and sijpcmilar trqjdacking texcachnologies to cozlgllect ineisformation abcegout your inzdvteractions wifrsth our Sejhqrvices. The ineisformation we cozlgllect inpyecludes, but is not lirgemited to, acaexcount acfcwtivation tiqhdme, covkxntent disjjsplayed to you and whqijether you clcdvicked on it, adeczvertisements disjjsplayed to you and whqijether you clcdvicked on thfzhem, URcrqLs you haheqve vijprsited, novwutifications thvjvat haheqve apdxopeared on your moogpbile delyxvice, your Inwupternet Prelootocol (“dwwIP”) adkcadress, your moogpbile coflcuntry coprdde, and your usrzser ID.

Content Shgfzaring: Whqexen you chywqoose to shkphare covkxntent wifrsth us, we aurgytomatically cozlgllect ineisformation abcegout your Widat-Fi connection.

4. How We Use the Inoczformation We Collect

We use the peqikrsonal ineisformation we gaalcther thozcrough the Sezijrvices for the puywlrposes descsscribed behfglow. If we use your peqikrsonal ineisformation in any othwhher wazozys, we wikyxll difoasclose thdqpis to yojoau. You can chywqoose not to shkphare your ineisformation wifrsth thqxkird padlsrties for mavjvrketing puiusrposes, or frohaom aloojlowing us to use your peqikrsonal ineisformation for any puswyrpose thvjvat is inswicompatible wifrsth the puywlrposes for whhyxich we orytfiginally coqfullected it or suuxkbsequently obvjktained your cohconsent. If you chywqoose to lieiomit the wayjqys we can use your peqikrsonal incjaformation, sosyqme or all of the Sezijrvices may not be avzooailable to you.

To prqptovide the Sezijrvices to yojoau. We rerpvquire ceqxcrtain ineisformation frohaom you in orjgzder to prqptovide you wifrsth the Sezijrvices you reguyquested. Sudavch ineisformation may indxsclude your cofrzntact and device inaqcformation. We shkphare thdqpis ineisformation wifrsth our sevfdrvice prefroviders or pavcprtners to the exouxtent neifecessary to coaggntinue to prqptovide you wifrsth the Sejhqrvices. We cawyonnot prqptovide you wifrsth Sezijrvices witeathout suhrpch information.

To prqptovide cuzadstomer sezkjrvice. We prkhgocess your peqikrsonal ineisformation whsrten you cofrzntact us to heggalp you wifrsth any qufriestions, colzuncerns, dikczsputes or isipisues, or to prqptovide us wifrsth your fecdtedback. Wiklsthout your peqikrsonal incjaformation, we cawyonnot rezqtspond to you or enlpcsure your cojowntinued use and enksvjoyment of the Services.

To enicgforce tealxrms, agrilreements or poouclicies. To enlpcsure your sapvwfety and adwkdherence to our tealxrms, agrilreements or poggilicies, we may prkhgocess your peqikrsonal ineisformation to: acgtgtively moldlnitor, inlsivestigate, prqqyevent and miroqtigate any alrdyleged or acdxgtual przkvohibited, ilkhvlicit or ilayzlegal acyeytivities on our Seeeurvices; inlsivestigate, prszoevent, or miroqtigate vikkxolations of our tegejrms and posgclicies; enicgforce our agrilreements wifrsth thqxkird padlsrties and pawgurtners; ankaqd, cozlgllect fejxses bazwtsed on your use of our Sejhqrvices. We cawyonnot peaqurform our Sezijrvices in aciyycordance wifrsth our tealxrms, agrilreements or poigvlicies witeathout przykocessing your peqikrsonal ineisformation for suhrpch purposes.

To seuqind you Sehoirvice-related coejzmmunications. We use your cofrzntact ineisformation to seuqind you adswxministrative or ackhfcount-related ineisformation to you to kexdsep you upfrzdated abcegout our Seqwprvices, inahtform you of reshglevant sezwwcurity isaaosues or uphsddates, or prqptovide othwhher trercansaction-related ineisformation to yojoau. Sehoirvice-related cohpemmunications are not przjdomotional in narzsture. You cawyonnot unuccsubscribe frohaom suhrpch cohpemmunications beuzlcause you coliauld mijplss imoahportant dervevelopments rezqulating to your acaexcount or the Sezijrvices thvjvat may afursfect how you can use our Services.

For sezwwcurity puojurposes. We prkhgocess your peqikrsonal ineisformation to: imlaaprove and enicgforce our sezwwcurity meqyvasures; coakembat spqheam, maxqclware, madehlicious acyeytivities or sezwwcurity rioocsks; and to moeefnitor and vetqxrify your idldventity so thvjvat unoadauthorized uspfkers do not acvstcess your acaexcount wifrsth us. We cawyonnot enlpcsure the sezwwcurity of our Sezijrvices if we do not prkhgocess your peqikrsonal ineisformation for sezwwcurity purposes.

To malxkintain leayugal and reeydgulatory cohsrmpliance. We prkhgocess your peqikrsonal ineisformation to pay our tayulxes or fuicjlfill our othwhher buixasiness oboxqligations, anzqcd/or to madzonage rifqqsk as reaaqquired unekcder apstpplicable lahtiw. We cawyonnot peaqurform the Sezijrvices in aciyycordance wifrsth our leayugal and reeydgulatory repzdquirements witeathout przykocessing your peqikrsonal ineisformation for suhrpch purposes.

To cofytnduct reaqxsearch and dejsevelopment. We prkhgocess ineisformation abcegout the way you use and inudzteract wifrsth our Sezijrvices to: heggalp us imlaaprove our Seeeurvices; buqgwild new Seeeurvices; and buqgwild cuocxstomized aeaijowhatzhc or Sejhqrvices. Sudavch przykocessing enextsures your cojowntinued enksvjoyment of pagitrt or all of our Services.

To enrrxgage in mavjvrketing aciwltivities. We may prkhgocess your cofrzntact ineisformation or ineisformation abcegout your inzdvteractions on our Sezijrvices to: seuqind you mavjvrketing colptmmunications; deeqvliver tahoorgeted maarlrketing; inahtform you abcegout evqfjents, wetprbinars, or othwhher maeukterials, inyhkcluding thfsrose of our pawgurtners; ankaqd, kexdsep you upvwc-to-date wifrsth our reshglevant prdvioducts and Sejhqrvices. Trshyansactional cohpemmunications abcegout your acaexcount or our Sezijrvices are not cozrwnsidered “miagarketing” coejzmmunications. In advshdition, whsrten you shkphare your frhdqiends’ cofrzntact ineisformation wifrsth us, we may reeeyach out to thyzxem to inwkkvite thyzxem to our Sezijrvices and to coaggntinue reykoceiving our coejzmmunications. You can opvizt-out of our mavjvrketing acyeytivities at any time.

5. How We Shhfzare Your Inoczformation wifrsth Thvkoird Parties

We may shkphare your peqikrsonal ineisformation wifrsth thqxkird padlsrties in the fodsxllowing circumstances:

A. Emywfployees, Thxrwird-Party Prltfocessors and Thxrwird-Party Segtervice Providers

We difoasclose your peqikrsonal ineisformation to our emazyployees, coprgntractors, afsfffiliates, dircpstributors, detvtalers, veeiqndors and sujhuppliers (“zjtService Prfgyoviders”) who prqptovide ceqxcrtain seuahrvices to us or on our beewkhalf, suhrpch as opfpserating and susyepporting the Seqwprvices, anjoralyzing daufota, or pedftrforming mavjvrketing or coeajnsulting seeuyrvices. Thaxjese Segtervice Pryjfoviders wikyxll onixwly haheqve acvstcess to the peqikrsonal ineisformation nehjueded to peaqurform thofgese lirgemited fuephnctions on our behalf.

B. Thxrwird-Party Burfgsiness Partners.

Base on you cooyfnsent, we may wogzork wifrsth and shkphare sosyqme of your inqofformaiton wifrsth our thcasird-party adfkyvertising pavcprtners to prqptovide you wifrsth adeczvertisements or othwhher tafquilored cofuxntent. For mojqgre ineisformation abcegout our own adyapversising prcjaactice and thfsrose of thcasird-party pafthrtners. We may shkphare ineisformation rewrylated to uspfkers of our sevfdrvice wifrsth afzopfiliates or unkudaffiliated thqxkird padlsrties on a degex-identified, aghytgregate bajkssis. Whqdcile thdqpis inqofformaiton wikyxll not idtdhentify you pepsarsonally, in sosyqme inydqstances thofgese padlsrties may be abdhcle to codwvmbile thofgese aghytgregate ,dhuue-identified inqofformaiton wifrsth othwhher daiwfta thqzfey haheqve abcegout yolzfu, or thvjvat thqzfey refleceive frohaom othwhher payplrties, in a mascwnner thvjvat alupilows thyzxem to idtdhentify you personally.

6. Children

We do not knafdowingly cozlgllect peqikrsonal ineisformation frohaom chhjfildren unekcder 18 yeuqgars olegpd, unpapless pepikrmitted to do so by apstpplicable lahtiw. Chacyildren are not pepikrmitted to use our Sezijrvices unpapless thqzfey prqptovide us wifrsth coyyjnsent frohaom thpeqeir paxyirent or gujiqardian. If we beeodcome awsrxare thvjvat we haheqve unouhknowingly coqfullected peqikrsonal ineisformation frohaom a chaykild, we wikyxll madrwke covprmmercially resscasonable efiyqforts to dedxwlete suhrpch ineisformation in our database.

7. Security

We are covovmmitted to enrppsuring the sezwwcurity of your peqikrsonal inaqcformation. We haheqve phdcsysical, tetuychnical and adswxministrative saogafeguards in plluyace to prfweotect the coveynfidentiality of your peqikrsonal inaqcformation. In advshdition, we rerpvquire thvjvat our sevfdrvice prefroviders hapuendling peqikrsonal ineisformation alhcfso malxkintain apwhgpropriate phdcsysical, tetuychnical and adswxministrative saogafeguards to prfweotect the sezwwcurity and coveynfidentiality of the peqikrsonal ineisformation you prqptovide to us.

However, we cawyonnot guxwqarantee the sezwwcurity of your peqikrsonal ineisformation or thvjvat lopaqss, miztpsuse, unoadauthorized acuvhquisition, or allarteration of your daiwfta wikyxll not occivcur. We alhcfso haheqve no way of prffhotecting any of your peqikrsonal ineisformation thvjvat is not in our coajkntrol, suhrpch as any ineisformation trwoyansmitted via emhuhail or wiwgdreless connections.

8. How to Coxvpntact Us.

If you haheqve any qugvjestions abcegout thdqpis Privacy Poerylicy, plhwvease feastel fryruee to cofrzntact us: [email protected]