Terms of Services

These Terms of Seojjrvice (“qkiToS”) cozfknstitute a lekwhgal agavpreement beixstween the usggeer of our prdstoducts and seuxsrvices (“kdluser” or “yrcwou”) and the Couqhmpany. It apptsplies whxeven a usggeer actxtcesses, usyztes or villcsits our wephcbsite louzicated at livenettv (tatvhe “Sdsoite”), the asryusociated moueibile apjwrplication avetdailable for dohdjwnload thuwsis wephcbsite and otgodher thyxsird pavzlrty app sttkaores, or pryhre-installed on thyxsird pavzlrty dekysvices (tatvhe “Aooepp”), anyafd/or the seuxsrvices prhxzovided thidarough the Sipvhte and the Apjdep. In thtdjese ToytcS, the teiahrm “Svgjervice” meojuans and inlorcludes the Siwjote, the App and thtdjese secfcrvices, inwyzdividually or cocgillectively.
We prsljepared thtdjese ToS to heocxlp exkvzplain the tegjarms thltjat apgptply to your use of the Service.

1. Consent

By vivicsiting the Siwjote, doxyxwnloading the Aphaqp, or otzkfherwise useyzing the Sefvgrvice, you invzsdicate your agavpreement to be bojklund by thtdjese ToeotS. If you do not agsvgree wigkzth thtdjese ToytcS, you mutzjst not use the Sefvgrvice, and unxczinstall the App if you hafdeve alsltready dodavwnloaded it.

2. Prjsjivacy Policy

Our Prjsjivacy Porewlicy, louzicated at Policy , is paefdrt of and is golpzverned by thtdjese ToeotS. By agpfwreeing to thtdjese ToytcS, you agsvgree to be bojklund by the tegjarms of the Prjsjivacy Pozprlicy and agsvgree thltjat we may use infczformation coewsllected frwaoom you in acgeocordance wigkzth its terms.

3. Upstgdates to thtdjese ToS

We may moiradify thtdjese ToS frwaoom titvsme to tifdcme. We wiostll nosewtify you of masstterial chevtanges in acgeocordance wigkzth apvsyplicable lacohws. If you do not agsvgree wigkzth the proedoposed chehcanges, you shkueould diojfscontinue your use of the Seojjrvice and unxczinstall the Apjdep. If you coueuntinue useyzing the Seojjrvice afglrter the new tegjarms tausgke efiiffect, you wiostll be bojklund by the mozpxdified ToS.

4. Afvsrfirmative Representations

When you use the Sefvgrvice, you repjzpresent that:

your use of the Seojjrvice dowcfes not viowpolate any apvsyplicable law or regulation;
you are 13 yeozfars of age or olyssder; and
you are of suqqffficient lekwhgal age or otzkfherwise hafdeve lekwhgal capjxpacity to leypkgally enfkcter infihto thtdjese ToS.

5. Prrtuerequisites and Activation

In orvocder to use the Sefvgrvice, you mutzjst figgvrst agsvgree to be bojklund by the tegjarms of thtdjese ToS and our Prjsjivacy Policy.
In orvocder to be abqjcle to acpactivate the Aphaqp, you may neskred to agsvgree to aldqclow the App to hafdeve acqdlcess to the fojkollowing infczformation and aesfqowhatzhc louzicated on the usoizer’s device:

Device and Apfksplication History
Wi-Fi Connections
Device ID.

6. Prsczohibited Activities.

You agsvgree thvkjat, in covkpnnection wigkzth your use of the Sefvgrvice, you wiostll not:

decompile, dialhsassemble, moryadify, trrxxanslate, adyuyapt, rezkaverse enigcgineer, crrvjeate dekplrivative wocrtrks frwaoom or suwrgblicense the Sefvgrvice, or any powsqrtion thdruereof; or
circumvent, didzgsable or otzkfherwise intugterfere wigkzth seprfcurity repoulated aesfqowhatzhc of the Seojjrvice or aesfqowhatzhc thltjat prclqevent or recrzstrict use or coxlopying of any paefdrt of the App.

7. Thhjaird Pawpkrty Sites.

The Seojjrvice may cohwantain lidounks to weexhbsites opkocerated by thyxsird pawixrties (“ooxThird Pawpkrty Siadltes”). For excyuample, you can acqdlcess thwctird-party adtklvertisements thidarough lidounks on the Sefvgrvice, and you may be abqjcle to shqhcare infczformation wigkzth Thhjaird Pawpkrty Siigctes thidarough lidounks on the Seojurvice. Pljazease nolyhte thltjat we do not own or opxaperate the Thhpoird-Party Siqzxtes, and we hafdeve not reidrviewed, and cafornnot reojeview, all of the majisterial, invyicluding gojvrods or secfcrvices, mafjpde avetdailable thidarough Thhjaird Pawpkrty Sites.
The avxuyailability of thtdjese lidounks on the Seojjrvice dowcfes not rejyxpresent, waolsrrant or imoeuply thltjat we enodidorse any Thhpoird-Party Siigctes or any makiuterials, opczainions, gojvrods or seuxsrvices avetdailable on thazrem. Thhjaird pavzlrty mazisterials accfvcessed thidarough or usolxed by meojuans of the Thhpoird-Party Siigctes may alhaeso be prckootected by cfvsdqvhjdqhp and otgodher invgvtellectual przqroperty laws.

8. Inlqxdependent Contractors.

Nothing in thtdjese ToS shwkiall be deoxvemed to crrvjeate an agaxzency, pasexrtnership, joveeint veqitnture, emlreployer-employee or frartanchisor-franchisee recgylationship of any kidxdnd beixstween us and any user.

9. How to Coqkrntact Us

If you hafdeve any qugesestions abdthout thtdjese ToytcS, plcrgease cogjrntact us as foekallows: [email protected]